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We're expert Upright Piano movers in Didcot

Over the last 15 years we have transported older style pianos such as Challen, a London piano maker dating back to 1804, and Bluther which is an old German piano maker founded in 1853 who still produce pianos today.

We also have experience in transporting some of the first pianolas from Longman Broderip (c1767). Some of these instruments can still be found at auction houses.

We`ve moved lots of modern pianos such as Yamaha and Kemble the latter being particularly heavy due to their vacuum casting iron frame and thicker heavier cabinet parts.

As piano movers in Didcot we have all the equipment you would expect.

From piano trollys to a selection of ramps, which enable us to overcome steps and voids etc, to heavy duty ratchets to hold your piano firm in transit.

Your piano is blanket wrapped in transit. If the weather is wet the piano is also shrink wrapped to ensure it stays dry.

The piano is best placed in the middle of the room. If this is not possible then the next best place is an internal wall between two rooms.

Sometimes both options may not be available and therefore if the piano has to be placed on an exterior wall, by a window and heat source, thick curtains are recommended to avoid consistent temperature changes.

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